Data storage system

Data storage system (DSS) – complex hardware-software solution on organization of reliable information resources storage and providing secured access.   Using this service allow users partially or completely refusing support and development of...
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Rate, 〒

One-time fee: 


Service connection and setup 


Monthly fee:


Amount for 1GB of footprint from 50Gb to 1 Tb


Amount for 1Gb of footprint from 1.1Tb to 5 Tb 


Amount for 1Gb of footprint over 5.1 Tb 



Storage of necessary volume of e-documents  

Stored documents indexing 

Constant accessibility of data for users and business applications 

Documents search both by attributes and by content

Life circle control (length) of storage that will allow effectively using provided footprint

Transparent growing of capacity and computing power of storage by request

Reliability and safety of information storage at expense of data backup and securing infrastructure fault resistance

Additional resources Rate,  

Access key "Standart"


Access key for "Server Solution"

1 100

Client’s device rent (20 licenses) "Storage box"

10 500

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