Microsoft Hosted Lync

Communication mean that allows users communicating with each other in real time using various types of communication.   Microsoft Hosted Lync – represents flexible set up service that combines resources of voice, video and text. It is...
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Our clients

With help of web-channel Microsoft Hosted Lync allows tracing users’ statuses, their attendance in Microsoft Office and SharePoint, promptly get information on what they doing.


Functional resources of the service

Resources of Microsoft Hosted Lync «Standard» :


  • all resources of prompt messages exchange;
  • all resources for providing information on attending;
  • all resources of group talks.
  • All audio and video resources for PC-PC 

Resources of Microsoft Hosted Lync «Enterprise»:


  • Resources of Microsoft Hosted Lync «Standard», described above
  • All resources of audio, video and web-conferences 
  • All resources of joint access to desktop 

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