Microsoft Hosted SharePoint

Collection of software products for creating corporate portal that secure company’s business processes efficiency raise. Allows creating sites for exchanging information and joint work with documents. Key tasks which such site can solve: publishing...
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Our clients
Our clients
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  •  Microsoft Hosted Share Point service by tariff plan Free can be provided free of charge in testing mode during 7 calendar days.
    After trial period client’s data deleted (even if shift to paid tariff plan).

Kay Microsoft Hosted SharePoint functions

  • centralized documents storing;
  • easy system of content control, joint calendars and contact access;
  • e-document circulation;
  • effective system of common communications channel;
  • forums, blogs, picture gallery;
  • archive– system of information storage.




  • 1

    easy access to necessary information and general resources

  • 2

    efficiency raise of business communications with help of discussion platforms in type of forums

  • 3

    complete control over users access, rights authorization and functional

  • 4

    easy integration with Microsoft products

  • 5

    reduction of costs to business trips thanks to organization of virtual meetings and creation of working automation processes

Microsoft Hosted SharePoint
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