Hyper-V– virtual dedicated server for placing sites on Kazakhtelecom JSC resources. Hypervisor Hyper-V allows creating virtual servers with secure completely isolated environment, which meets functionality of physical servers at lesser exploitation...
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           Type of service
                   STANDART                                PREMIUM             
One-time fee
Monthly fee 
12 000 20 000
Volume of footprint, Gb   60 100
Secured volume of capacity
CPU, Mhz  
 2000 3000
Secured volume of RAM, Mb   1024 2048

  Virtual dedicated server with preinstalled operational system Windows Server 2008 R2 ; 

  Disk volume– from 60 GB; 

  CPU – from 2000 Mhz ; 

  RAM – from 1024 Mbait ; 

  Unlimited traffic. .

High productivity and reliability

If resources and limits of virtual hosting fail to allow you further developing your project, VPS for web-sites- is all you need. On dedicated server your web-projects will run more stable as VPS resources are isolated from other users on provider's server.
Virtual dedicated server is ideal for placing web-applications, sites and internet shops.  

Server set up for your applications run

Set up your server as you need. Choose OS, software, control panels and extra modules for your sites run independently.

Windows Server 2008 R2

To the Windows Server 2008 R2 renewal for Hyper-V™ is included — technologies of Microsoft virtualization. New version of Hyper-V™ raises efficiency of control with existing virtual machines and solves some problems in IT-specialists work (particularly, that appear when migration of servers).

Easiness of VPS control from users' panel

Besides standard functional of creation, start, reload and stop of virtual server, control panel allows creating data backups.
Also all users of service are provided with web-console with direct access to VPS - VZPP (Virtuozzo Power Panel), which is launched out of your server and do not occupy valuable resources, but at that allows controlling server, performing commands, work with files and processes. 

Unlimited traffic

Traffic on virtual servers is unlimited- without volume, correlations of incoming and outgoing traffic and its geography. 

Support 24/7/365

Support service iDHost if 24 hours (24/7/365) is ready to give consultations by our services and provide data necessary for solving this issue. 

You can ask your question, using easy  communication form

High level of security

  24 hours monitoring of servers condition and communication channels; 
  Video control and access security control system; 
  Information security; 
  Non stop power supply, conditioning and fire exhausting.

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